Our Story

SO+KA Pantry Co.

Hey there! Sophia & Kaan Here 👋​

We are a Sydney-based husband & wife team who loves food, cooking and sharing meals with our family and friends. With a long history of working in high-end hospitality venues, being around food was a big part of our lives to the point where we travelled around the world in pursuit of authentic food experiences.

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Coming from Asian and Middle Eastern Backgrounds, we appreciate the range of flavours that the World has to offer. We love recreating recipes with the best natural ingredients then came the idea of SOKA PANTRY CO., creating authentic quality pantry staples that we love making and eating and are proud to share.

We only started seriously making our own batch of chilli oil when we weren't completely sold on store-bought jars, they were infused in vegetable or canola with MSG. And we LOOOVE olive oil. We couldn't find any brands that were made with olive oil, so we crafted our own!

After many attempts at perfecting the aromatic chilli-infused olive oil with crunchy elements then came out the product, 'Crunchy Chilli Oil'. We can assure you, this is definitely not your traditional nor average chilli oil, our product is one of a kind with perfect balance of flavours and heat.

We hope you love them as much as we do 😍😍😍